High Resolutions

So, it’s 2015 now, which is officially The Future. Although I think my hoverboard seems to have got lost in the post, sadly. While waiting for it to turn up, I’ve been asking some of my family and friends if they have any new year’s resolutions. Responses have ranged from the straightforward – ‘I’d like to lose another stone’ – to the mysterious – ‘Well, I have my own aims, but they’re not tied to anything as prosaic as what year it is’ – to the minimalist – ‘Survive’. I’ve also seen someone on Twitter with the commendable resolution to ‘continue bumbling along in the same half-arsed fashion as heretofore’.

What’s my plan? My main aim is to finish – not just first-draft finish, properly finish – my current work-in-progress, The Silvergreen Sea. How long that will take remains to be seen, so at the moment I don’t have any other writing resolutions. Ideally, I’d get another book done, at least in first-draft form, but if The Silvergreen Sea requires extensive revisions, that might have to wait for 2016.

I’ve also been thinking I should really do something that isn’t writing, to keep things varied and get me out of the house: do some voluntary work, and learn something: French or Italian or BSL or piano or algebra. But I haven’t yet quite get my head round what I’ll have time for, or what would be most beneficial. Perhaps my first non-writing resolution should be to work out what non-writing thing I want to resolve to do.

Finally, I have not a resolution, but an aim: to try and get myself flying again, so I can get further from home than Kent. I can’t control my back pain, but I can at least try to manage and improve it through exercise and medication, and – I hope – enable myself to do the things most important for me. Like go on holidays to see some friends and family later in the year, so we can compare notes on how all those resolutions are going.

I hope everyone achieves what they want to (unless your resolution is ‘achieve annihilation of the human race’) so we can make 2015 the year it all happens. After all, we’re now living in the future.